Hello, my name's

Justine Win Cañete

I am a product designer, UI developer, and sharer of things. I'm working with talented folks at Shopify and currently based in Ottawa 🇨🇦. I like designing for impact and empowering merchants in all sizes.

I started my career 5 years ago as a graphic artist where I took illustration gigs for friends and acquaintances. After I graduated, I spent the next 2 months working as a graphic designer for a local food group where I had the chance to work with real projects.

After the freelance ended, I decided to fly to Cebu City where the tech scene is active and mentorship is accessible. I landed my first job at Symph as a junior UX/UI designer and frontend developer. I primarily marketed myself as a developer because of the primitive notion that design is just all about the pixels and that developers are way cooler. Later on, I was given my first design project and that's when I learned what design really is. I immersed myself in various online resources and design communities, discovered UX, and instantly fell inlove with the design process.

The thought of working with multiple designers on a single product raised my curiosity. I left after working for almost 3 years with Symph and joined Talented where I hoped to bring a better user experience to enterprise. We built tools for high-performing teams and made it easier for guys like McKinsey to look for talent. I took more of the managerial tasks while being an individual contributor. I learned more about how corporations work and their constraints– ultimately, how it is completely different to design for consumers vs. enterprise users.

Just before Shopify, I was the product design lead for UBX Philippines – a fintech company whose mission is to build products for financial inclusion – and helped in forming the design team and establishing our process.

From time to time all through out my career, I worked on design gigs from industries like finance, education, and lasers (yes, you read it right, lasers). The exposure made me a better designer who loves to collaborate and learn from all kinds of people.

Other than my passion towards tech and design, I have strong interests in music, travel, and cooking. I play an acoustic guitar and sing when I'm alone. Of all genres, I love jazz the most because of its blithe nature that is synonymous to my personality.

Nice to meet you. 👋