Hello, my name's

Justine Win Cañete

You can call me Justine. I am a product designer, UI developer, illustrator, and sharer of things. I am constantly looking for opportunities where I can make an impact through design. I am currently based in the Philippines.

I started my career 5 years ago as a graphic designer where I took illustration gigs for friends and acquaintances. After I graduated, I spent the next 2 months working as a freelance graphic designer for 2 local restaurants where I rebranded their store and marketing collateral. Together with their new marketing lead, we created promotions and posters– significantly increasing their sales a month later.

After my project with them, I decided to fly to Cebu City where the tech scene is active and mentorship is accessible. I landed my first job at Symph as a junior frontend developer and web designer. I initially marketed myself as frontend developer and designer because of this primitive notion that design is just all about the pixels. Later on, I worked on my first design project and that is when I got intrigued about what design really is. I would immerse myself in all these online resources and design communities. I discovered UX and instantly fell inlove with its tools and methodologies. I tried using them in my next design project and I was just astounded. Not only did it shorten the iteration and feedback loop, it also made our client happy and satisfied. Later that year, I introduced myself as a product designer and frontend developer. Fast forward 2 years later, I was promoted to a senior level where my role expanded from working with client projects to leading our design team. I was involved in refining our internal processes, organising workshops, and writing about design and frontend development handbooks.

After 3 years, I left Symph and joined Talented where I hoped to bring a better user experience to the enterprise. We built tools for high-performing teams and made it easier for guys like McKinsey to hire great talent. This time, I wanted to grow with the product and really invest in making it better through rapid iteration. As a design lead, I was heavily involved in UX, design systems, and design ops. I learned more about how corporations work and their constraints– ultimately, how it is completely different to design for consumers vs. enterprise users.

From time to time all through out my career, I would work on freelance projects. This allowed me to design for other industries like finance, education, and lasers (yes, you read it right, lasers). I had the pleasure to work with people across the globe and it pushed me to continuously grow and hustle. I think the biggest learning I have from here is managing client expectations and closely collaborating with decision makers. I love it.

Other than my passion towards tech and design, I have strong interests towards music, caffeine, travel, and good reads. I play an acoustic guitar, sing when I’m alone, and gave up on drums. Of all genres, I love jazz the most because of its blithe nature which is synonymous to my personality. My caffeine of choice is cold brew just because it is the only caffeine that works. I’ve been to 7 countries and drank lots of local coffee. Did I say Thailand and Malaysia have the best coffees in Asia? There are a lot of good reads out there. I particularly like Medium and of course, good ol’ tangible books. Whenever I find an interesting topic and can’t find a compelling article online, I would write them myself. Because who else would write about them, right?

I’m traveling to Japan for this year's Hanami season. Yes, I like anime and I was a cosplayer once. I still play MOBA games and I promise you, I’m a good Support. My teammates say it is crazy how I can sustain and keep them alive during clashes.

Nice to meet you. 👋